Cheshire Rail Trail South Planning Project

Rail trails have long been recognized as a way to improve local and regional opportunities related to transportation, recreation, economic development, and public health. A variety of individuals and groups take on maintenance of rail trails, and they are enjoyed routinely by residents and visitors alike.

The Cheshire Rail Trail South Planning Project aims to address challenges and opportunities along the trail from its intersection with the Ashuelot Rail Trail in Keene through Swanzey, Marlborough, Troy and Fitzwilliam to its end near the Massachusetts State line (study area map). The project involved collecting data on existing trail use, conditions and amenities and conducting meetings among municipal and other stakeholders to both share information and consider maintenance, connectivity, safety, and coordinated improvement to the trail. The project resulted in a common vision and 10-year plan for the trail to better inform volunteer groups, local government and regional and statewide transportation planning.

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Henry Underwood
Senior Planner