Program Overview

A thriving regional economy requires cooperation and collaboration. Strong partnerships between businesses, local government, non-profit organizations, state agencies, and others are key to building a solid economic foundation. For example, transportation infrastructure, housing, broadband, and workforce development all impact our economy and require coordination among many different groups. SWRPC’s work in the area of economic and community development focuses on enhancing the relationships between these groups and opening opportunity for new economic and community development strategies to take shape. 

SWRPC pursues this work through a number of avenues. For example, our Economic Development Advisory Committee serves as an important regional forum for discussing and building common understanding about economic issues. The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Southwest New Hampshire (CEDS), a document developed and maintained by SWRPC, identifies key goals and lays out a regional framework for promoting economic opportunity. 

We also work with member municipalities to help them meet their particular economic development objectives. Through our program Monadnock Vital Economies, we assist towns in creating economic development plans, identifying policies and pursuing strategies that support economic development. We also serve as the region’s administrator for Community Development Block Grants, a versatile program that contributes towards on-the-ground improvements in public infrastructure, housing, business development, and more.