New Hampshire Route 10 (NH 10) is an important local, regional, and state highway. Beyond the 5.5 mile length of the corridor in the Town of Swanzey, the highway directly connects users to the large employment and service center, Keene, to the north, the Town of Winchester to the south, as well as many other destinations in other parts of Cheshire County, Massachusetts and beyond. 

While the highway is owned and maintained by the State, and the New Hampshire Department of Transportation has goals to maintain a highway that gets people quickly and efficiently to their destination, is safe, and is in a good state of repair, effective corridor management cannot happen in a vacuum.  Local governments like Swanzey are responsible for guiding development and permitting the activities accessing the highway from local driveways and local street networks connected to the highway.  Both the State and Town have a responsibility to ensure the highway is meeting corridor user needs whether it’s a business owner adjacent to the highway, a freight operator making deliveries, a work commuter, or a resident that lives in a neighborhood near the highway.  Developing a common understanding of corridor-related issues and needs provides a basis for the Town, State, and other relevant partners to have a similar frame of reference for coordination and communication.

The Swanzey NH Route 10 Corridor Study (Study) was undertaken in 2020 and 2021 by SWRPC with support from a Swanzey appointed Working Group with a goal to better understand the corridor including opportunities for improvements and challenges to proactively address.  The Study puts the NH 10 corridor under a microscope to ask the following big questions: