Long Range Transportation Plan

Major investments in roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure often occurs over the course of years or even decades. Shifts in land use patterns, demographics, technology, and other factors that affect transportation trends evolve over a similar timescale. Consequently, it’s important that, as a region, we take a long-term perspective when planning for the future of our transportation system.

SWRPC’s long-range transportation planning activities are guided by Southwest Connects: Southwest Region Transportation Plan 2014-2035. Updated on a cycle of about every five years, Southwest Connects serves as a resource to our member municipalities and other partners who want to coordinate local transportation planning activities with those occurring across a wider, regional context. The plan is organized using a corridor-based approach, intended to help highlight transportation trends, challenges and progress along our transportation system’s major roadways.

Contents of the plan include:


Regional transportation vision, goals and objectives that establish a strategic direction of regional transportation planning activities.


The Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP), which identifies specific transportation projects of regional significance.


A primer on transportation context and concepts, and how they apply to the Monadnock Region.


Data and maps that highlight transportation-related trends along each corridor.

If you have questions about Southwest Connects, plans for future updates, or how its content might be applied to local transportation planning activities, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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