Since 2003, the Southwest Region Planning Commission (SWRPC) has managed a Brownfields Assessment Program designed to help municipalities in southwestern New Hampshire turn brownfields into community assets. Funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfield Assessment grants, it does this by assessing real or perceived contamination of vacant or underutilized properties and working with property owners and partners towards the remediation and redevelopment of those properties. The program is implemented by SWRPC staff with the help of a Brownfields Advisory Committee (BrAC) and a pool of contracted environmental consultants.

Program Video

Watch this helpful informational video about our program, which includes testimonials from past participants including locally elected officials, municipal staff, non-profits and developers.  The video features brownfields sites in Keene, Jaffrey, Peterborough and Richmond.

Program Goals

Assessing brownfields is often a win-win situation, addressing many of our program goals:

  • Help properties achieve their highest and best use;
  • Protect Environmental Quality;
  • Eliminate Public Health Threats;
  • Create & Retain Local Jobs;
  • Restore & Enhance Local Tax Revenue;
  • Protect Community Character, i.e. preserve rural landscapes and enhance downtown areas; and
  • Support Historic Preservation.

EPA Brownfield Assessment Grants

The Brownfields program is funded through grants from the EPA, which allow SWRPC to inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct planning and community involvement related to brownfields sites. This table lists the grants SWRPC has received to date for the program.

Year AwardedType of GrantAmount Awarded
2003Mixed hazardous substances$200,000
2005Petroleum only$158,000
2005Mixed hazardous substances$158,000
2007Petroleum only$200,000
2007Mixed hazardous substances$200,000
2010Petroleum only$135,000
2010Mixed hazardous substances$200,000
2014Petroleum only$200,000
2014Mixed hazardous substances$200,000
2017Mixed hazardous substances – site specific$200,000
2018Mixed hazardous substances$200,000
2022Mixed hazardous substances$500,000
TotalMixed hazardous substances and Petroleum$2,551,000

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