Regional Economic Development Planning

Like in all places, aspects of the regional economy in southwest New Hampshire are driven by outside market forces and globalization. Regions and towns, however, still hold substantial power to support and influence economic development in their communities. The economic evolution of the region in large part depends on the region’s businesses, local governments, non-profit organizations, and other community members choosing to collaborate with one another in order to identify challenges, establish goals, develop strategies, and take concrete steps towards making the Monadnock Region prosper. Regional economic development planning is the act of facilitating this process.

SWRPC contributes to regional economic development in a number of ways—most of our program areas share a connection of some sort with the regional economy. The primary mechanism, however, by which we promote regional economic development planning is through the development and maintenance of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Southwest NH (or “CEDS” for short). The CEDS lays out a roadmap for regional economic development and was developed in partnership with SWRPC’s Economic Development Advisory Committee along with other economic development stakeholders. The CEDS was originally developed and adopted in 2007 and has since undergone periodic updates.

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