Maps complement a wide variety of planning projects. Below, we offer access to published online and printed maps as well as a list of selected external map resources. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with specific map-related questions.

External Data Resources

  • Data.Census.Gov. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau from a variety of sources, including the American Community Survey and the Decennial Census. Data spans a wide range of topics, including demographics, housing, the economy, and more.
  • NH Department of Transportation. NHDOT’s Bureau of Planning and Community Assistance offers an online catalog of links to data and both printable and interactive maps.
  • NH Department of Environmental Services. NHDES’s data and mapping webpage offers many datasets, maps and applications.
  • NH Office of Strategic Initiatives. NHOSI’s Planning Division offers a variety of maps – both produced internally and compiled from other sources. Some maps can also be viewed on their ArcGIS home page.
  • NH GRANIT. New Hampshire’s Statewide Geographic Information System (GIS) Clearinghouse, NH GRANIT offers an array of geospatial services, including data, online maps, map services and more. Their most notable and flexible map offering is an interactive application called GRANITView.

Resources & Helpful Links

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