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During this project we will be posting maps and data resources that you can use to learn more about housing in the Region.

Southwest NH Zoning Districts & Housing Regulations

This interactive map, created by SWRPC, shows a regional picture of local zoning districts and housing regulations across Southwest New Hampshire. Zoning districts are ordinances that are established and enforced by municipalities. They establish parameters for the kinds of land use and development that is allowed within defined areas called “zones”.

On this map, primary permitted land uses are shown for each zone for all Towns across the Region. Explore this map to better understand what types of housing projects and other development is permitted under existing regulations.

Disclaimer: The map is not a replacement for official zoning maps or their descriptions in municipal regulations. Maps created by SWRPC are for planning purposes only. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the data herein, its use, or its interpretation.

Municipal Land Use Regulations

This interactive map, created by the State of New Hampshire Office of Strategic Initiatives, shows land use regulations and other municipal information across the state. This map contains layers with information on housing regulations and planning and development techniques that have been adopted by municipalities across New Hampshire, such as form based code and cluster development, and more.

Explore this map to better understand the types of housing and other development that are permitted by Town and to better understand the regulatory structure of each municipality.

Disclaimer: This maps displays data collected in 2019-2020, and results are reflective of data submitted via survey response by local officials. While information submitted is believed to be a reliable reflection of current local land use regulations, this data should be relied upon for reference purposes only and no warranty is given for its accuracy.

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