Lake Warren Watershed Management Project

In 2017, the Lake Warren Watershed Management Plan was developed to establish actions to improve the water quality and health of the lake.  With the increased intensity and frequency of severe storm events, management of the lake has become even more important to mitigate the increase of stormwater runoff and erosion.  Many local individuals and organizations were involved in developing the plan with the goal of ensuring the long-term protection of water quality in the lake.  

Development of a Watershed Management Plan:

The Lake Warren Watershed Management Plan Implementation Phase I begins implementing some of the priority actions identified in the management plan and encouraging individual efforts outside of the scope of this project.  The project includes the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) at four sites to reduce and filter stormwater before it reaches the lake.  The sites include a town culvert, two private roads, and severe erosion on a private lot.  In addition to these sites, preliminary engineering options will be developed to address issues associated with Pine Cliff Road.  A strong outreach component will also be used to help homeowners and lake users identify potential problems and make appropriate changes.

This project will be completed by December 31, 2022.  It is anticipated that a subsequent phase II implementation effort will begin in 2023. For additional information about this project, contact Lisa Murphy.

Photo Credit: Ellen Chase

Photo credit: Lisa Tusveld

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