Broadband Legislation

The following contents list selected legislation related to broadband discussed at past meetings of the Monadnock Broadband Group. Visit the links below to learn more.

Current New Hampshire Legislation (2021)

House Bill 153 (LSR 2021-0113): establishing a committee to study universal Internet access for New Hampshire.


House Bill 308 (LSR 2021-0542): relative to broadband access to pole attachments.


House Bill 477 (LSR 2021-0617): establishing consumer protections regarding Internet service provider outages and download speeds.


Senate Bill 85 (LSR 2021-0832): establishing a broadband matching grant initiative and fund.

See also: House Bill 77.

Monadnock Broadband Group letter re: SB 85


Senate Bill 88

Part I (LSR 2021-0924): relative to the creation of communications district planning committees.

Part II (LSR 2021-0444): relative to public utility regulation of utility pole attachments.

Part III (LSR 2021-0959): relative to the issuance of bonds for financing broadband infrastructure.

Adopted New Hampshire Legislation

House Bill 1111 (2020): The bills below currently appear as amendment 1339s

Senate Bill 457: establishing communications districts

Senate Bill 459: relative to determining access to broadband

Senate Bill 559: relative to municipal broadband infrastructure bonds

Senate Bill 103 (2019): authorizing municipalities to engage in multi-town bonding projects

Senate Bill 170 (2018): relative to the authority of towns to issue bonds for the expansion of broadband infrastructure