Monadnock Regional Coordinating Council for Community Transportation

The need to provide transportation services to people who do not have access to reliable transportation options, due to age, disability, income or other reasons, has been identified as a problem in Southwest New Hampshire for many years.  To help address this need, a diverse group of stakeholders have formed the Monadnock Regional Coordinating Council (MRCC) for Community Transportation.  For more information on the MRCC and to access a listing of transportation services by Town/City visit:

Vision -The MRCC is guided by a vision to actively engage the Monadnock Region in building and innovative, coordinated and resilient transportation network.

Mission - It is the mission of the MRCC to help create a regional transportation network for everyone.



MRCC is composed of local transportation providers, funding agencies, agencies requiring transportation services and community members that either reside in or service the RCC’s 33 community service area, which includes all of Cheshire County and 10 towns in Hillsborough County (Antrim, Bennington, Francestown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hancock, New Ipswich, Peterborough, Sharon, Temple).


MRCC members meet at least quarterly but often more frequently. For more information about the MRCC contact J. B. Mack of Commission staff at [email protected].


State and Regional Context

Since 1994, New Hampshire transportation and human service agencies have been working in conjunction with Regional Planning Agencies to coordinate transportation services.  A 2004 federal mandate made coordination of federally funded transportation services a requirement.  This mandate led to the federal "United We Ride" program which provides technical resources and funding to help increase coordination.

In 2007, a State Coordinating Council (SCC) for Community Transportation was established to oversee the development of a coordinated transportation system in New Hampshire as well as set policy and assist regional efforts.  The SCC has been working with regional groups to establish Regional Coordinating Councils (RCCs), whose purpose is to design and implement coordinated transportation services around the state and to select, guide, assist, and monitor a Regional Transportation Coordinator (RTC).  The RTC would work with the RCC to develop services for the region, ensuring the most effective service is delivered.  Boundaries for the RCCs have primarily been determined by factors such as hospital catchment areas, county lines, regional planning commission boundaries, and transit service areas.