Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company Northeast Energy Direct Project


5/23/16 - Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company withdraws application: 



As has been widely reported, a natural gas pipeline has been proposed along a route through the southern portion of New Hampshire, including 7 communities in the Southwest Region. The information on this page is intended to inform our towns and other interested parties about some of the project details. Southwest Region Planning Commission's intent is to provide objective information regarding this proposal.


Project Map


Project Overview

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, seeks to construct and operate the Northeast Energy Direct Project, an extension of existing natural gas pipeline systems in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachussetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. According to documents obtained from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission filed under Docket No. PF14-22-000:

  • The project includes a total of 430 miles of new and co-located pipeline and two pipeline looping segments 
  • The project includes 71 miles of 30-inch diameter pipeline proposed in New Hampshire, generally within or adjacent to existing utility corridors in New Hampshire 
  • Proposed project facilities in New Hampshire will also include links known as laterals from the proposed mainline to Fitchburg, MA and to Haverhill, MA
  • Proposed project faclities in New Hampshire will also include one compressor station, currently sited in New Ipswich

The following Southwest New Hampshire communities are included in the proposed pipeline route, accounting for approximately 37 miles of the project's total mileage. 

  • Winchester, 5.57 miles 
  • Richmond, 6.14 miles 
  • Troy, 1.59 miles 
  • Fitzwilliam, 6.75 miles 
  • Rindge, 8.90 miles 
  • New Ipswich, 6.30 miles 
  • Greenville, 1.69 miles 

For a copy of the most recent Northeast Energy Direct Draft Environmental Report (Resources Reports 1-13) from the July 24, 2015 filing, click here.


Federal Project Review

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is charged by the U.S. Congress with evaluating whether interstate natural gas pipeline projects proposed by private companies should be approved. The Commission must consider the location and construction of these facilites when the proposed pipelines, facilities, or storage fields cross state boundaries. 

The FERC natural gas pipeline permitting process includes consulting with stakeholders, identifying environmental issues through scoping, and preparing environmental documents. A pre-filing process allows FERC staff to become involved with environmental issues before the applicant files its application. Click here for more information about the FERC Natural Gas Pipeline & Storage Permitting Process.


State Project Review

In New Hampshire, RSA 162-H recognizes that the selection of sites for energy facilities may have significant impacts to the welfare of the State's population. The Site Evaluation Committee is charged with reviewing these impacts and benefits, providing public disclosure of new facilities, and ensuring a comprehensive review of issues related to the proposal. For more information about the Site Evaluation Committee, click here.


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Winchester (3/13/15, 7/24/15, 11/20/15)              

Richmond (3/13/15, 7/24/15, 11/20/15)               

Troy (3/13/15, 7/24/15, 11/20/15)

Fitzwilliam (3/13/15, 7/24/15, 11/20/15)

Rindge (3/13/15, 7/24/15, 11/20/15)

New Ipswich (3/13/15, 7/24/15, 11/20/15)

Greenville (3/13/15, 7/24/15, 11/20/15)


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