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Video of Hinsdale Brattleboro Existing Bridges Forum Oct. 15, 2020

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Plan for Ashuelot Rail Trail: A Pilot Project

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November 10

The SWRPC Board of Directors will meet at 3:00. To join the Zoom meeting via computer please click: http://bit.ly/Nov10BOD20

To join via phone please call 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 851 7347 2349

Passcode: 791891

For assistance logging in please contact Rich Clough of SWRPC staff.

For more information please contact Becky Baldwin of SWRPC staff.


Other Meetings

October 28

The Temple Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Work Group will meet at 4:30. To join the Zoom meeting please click:


To join via phone please call (646) 558-8656.

Meeting ID: 825 3341 6428

Passcode: 825869

For assistance logging please contact Rich Clough of SWRPC staff.

For more information please contact Lisa Murphy of SWRPC staff.


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The Regional Public Involvement Plan for Southwest New Hampshire has been adopted and released. To view the plan, please click here.

For NH planning events, see the NH Office of Strategic Initiatives Events Calendar.

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To learn about Monadnock Region Future: A Plan for Southwest New Hampshire please click here

To learn about the Greater Keene Air Quality Education and Outreach Campaign please click here.

To learn about the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant decommissioning process please click here

Highlights - February 2015

 SWRPC February 2015

 Commission Highlights

Vol. 21 - No. 2


Check out the SWRPC Highlights Archive for previous issues.

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Ten Year Plan Project Nomination Process Begins

Every two years, the Planning Commission requests feedback from local officials to reaffirm their support for already programmed transportation projects and/or nominate new projects to be considered for inclusion in the State of New Hampshire’s Ten-Year Transportation Improvement Program (referred to as the “Ten Year Plan” or TYP). The State’s TYP has been evaluated and revised in a two-year planning cycle since the early 1990’s. Regional priorities for transportation improvements are compiled by each of New Hampshire’s nine regional planning commissions for consideration by the NH Department of Transportation, the Executive Council and the Governor to create a Statewide TYP, and finally by the Legislature to be enacted into law. During February, SWRPC reached out to municipal officials requesting feedback on existing or new transportation projects. New projects can be nominated through SWRPC’s online project application form, found in the “What’s New at SWRPC” section at www.swrpc.org. New project nominations are due by March 20th. For a list of projects currently being considered for the Ten Year Plan, visit www.swrpc.org/files/RTIP.pdf. For more information, please contact J. B. Mack of Commission staff.

Upcoming Presentations: Invasive Species and Salamander Brigades

The SWRPC Natural Resource Advisory Commission will host two presentations on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the Keene Public Library auditorium as follows:

  • Steve Roberge, UNH Cooperative Extension, Cheshire County Forester, will give a presentation on some of the threats to our forests including the Emerald Ash Borer. This invasive insect has now been found in the Region and will continue to invade other areas. He will also discuss some of the invasive plant species including Knotweed and Glossy Buckthorn.
  • In addition, Brett Amy Thelen from the Harris Center for Conservation Education, will discuss Salamander Brigades as a way to protect amphibian migrations across local roadways. These Salamander Brigades are an opportunity to promote safe passage for a variety of amphibious wildlife to vernal pools which serve as their breeding grounds in the spring.


This event is co-sponsored by SWRPC, Harris Center for Conservation, and UNH Cooperative Extension. For more information, please contact Lisa Murphy of Commission staff.


Vermont Yankee Closure Informational Web-page

During February, SWRPC developed an informational web-page dedicated to the closure of the Vermont Nuclear Power Plant (VY) located in Vernon, VT. The goal is to keep our communities informed on developments and to assist in the transition to a post-VY future. The page has a link off the main SWRPC website and includes a calendar that lists upcoming VY-related events. For more information, please visit http://www.swrpc.org/vermontyankee.

Safety Analyst Training

On February 10, 2015 SWRPC staff attended a training session in Concord sponsored by NH Department of Transportation. The purpose of the training was to learn how to use Safety Analyst software to analyze and interpret safety data. By taking into account historic crash statistics, roadway features, and traffic volumes, an analyst can better understand safety concerns specific to a section of roadway or intersection. The software can also help to consider and prioritize appropriate safety improvements based on cost and effectiveness. For more information, please contact Henry Underwood of Commission staff.

Transportation Corridor Discussions

Starting in March, the SWRPC Transportation Advisory Committee will begin featuring presentations and discussions about corridor systems profiled in the newly adopted Regional Transportation Plan, Southwest Connects. Local elected officials and municipal staff will be invited to participate in the presentations and discussions regarding corridor systems that involve the communities they represent. Corridor systems are defined in the Plan as networks of arterial and collector highways and modes of transportation that are associated with Routes 9, 10, 12, 101, and 202. Every community in the Southwest Region is identified as part of one or more of the eight corridor systems identified in the plan. The purpose is to inform and get feedback from local officials and municipal staff about priority challenges and opportunities of each corridor system in order to facilitate SWRPC’s on-going transportation planning activities including project programming. The first meeting, which featured a discussion about the NH 9 East Corridor (from Keene to Antrim), was held on March 2nd. For more information about this initiative or future corridor system presentations, please contact J. B. Mack of Commission staff.

Brownfields Program Web-page Updated

SWRPC has recently updated and expanded its Brownfields Assessment Program web-page to include more information and resources for municipalities, landowners, lenders, and others. The new and improved web-page includes an overview of brownfields basics and the program process, a resources page with links to over 30 resources, information about participating sites, and online site nomination and referral forms. To view the web pages, please visit http://www.swrpc.org/brownfields. For more information about these outreach materials, please contact Mari Brunner of Commission staff.