SWRPC Meetings

Mar. 5

The Brownfields Advisory Committee will meet at 11:45 a.m. at the SWRPC Offices at 37 Ashuelot Street  in Keene. For more information, please contact J.B. Mack of SWRPC staff.

Mar. 7

Planning Transportation for All Ages at Cheshire Medical Center, Auditorium A & B, 580 Court Street in Keene. The public is invited to discuss the transportation needs of people of all ages in the Monadnock Region. For more information, please contact Lisa Murphy of SWRPC staff.


Other Meetings

Mar. 19

The Monadnock Region Coordinating Council (MRCC) will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the SWRPC offices at 37 Ashuelot Street in Keene. For more information,please contact J.B. Mack for SWRPC staff. 

Apr. 17

The Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST) Steering Committee will meet at 4:00 p.m. at the SWRPC offices at 37 Ashuelot Street in Keene. For more information contact Henry Underwood of SWRPC staff.


Items of Interest

The Regional Public Involvement Plan for Southwest New Hampshire has been adpoted and released. To view the plan, please click here.

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For additional NH planning events, see the NH Office of Strategic Initiatives Events Calendar.

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To learn about Monadnock Region Future: A Plan for Southwest New Hampshire visit

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Highlights - December 2011

 SWRPC  December 2011

 Commission Highlights

 Vol. 17 - No. 12


East-West Corridor Study

A reoccurring concern documented by SWRPC is that east-west mobility in New Hampshire is less than optimum, particularly in Southwest New Hampshire, where commuters rely on State Route 9 and State Route 101 for east-west travel. In past years, SWRPC has worked with communities on Route 9 and 101 corridor plans to improve highway mobility through a mixture of access management strategies and highway improvements. Due to issues such as higher energy prices, SWRPC is examining other transportation modes that would also improve mobility, while saving the traveling public money by examining the feasibility of developing other east-west transportation options. In a partnership effort with Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC) based in Manchester, SWRPC staff has embarked on a study that 1) will quantify existing/future demand for east-west travel between the SNHPC and SWRPC regions and 2) identify proposed services, program(s) or projects to more efficiently, safely and effectively serve this travel. When combined with initiatives looking at travel between Manchester and points east, the study will also provide a better understanding of east-west travel along the entire southern tier of the State from the Seacoast to the Connecticut River Valley. For more information about this project, please contact J. B. Mack of Commission staff.


Community Development Block Grant Activities

During December, SWRPC staff was active in providing communities with support in administering several Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) projects. The City of Keene - Brookbend West Housing CDBG saw significant activity, including the finance closings and beginning of construction activities on the demolition and rebuilding of 35 units of affordable housing off Meadow Road in Keene. Other projects that began to get underway include the New Ipswich - Warwick Mills/High Bridge Foundation CDBG and the Town of Greenville - High Street Repairs CDBG. Activities undertaken for these projects include the review and signing of project contracts, documentation of fulfilling federal requirements, and the environmental review process. For questions about any of these projects or to determine how the CDBG program might benefit your community, please contact Rebeckah Bullock of Commission staff.


SWRPC Staff Provides Assistance to Keene Planning Department

One of the services that SWRPC provides to our member towns is planning assistance.  During the past three months, the City of Keene contracted with SWRPC to use this service while they were experiencing a staff shortage. Staff performed the duties that would be normally performed by city planners such as site plan review, Planning Board assistance, and drafting a proposed change to the Development Standards.  For more information about this service, please contact Lisa Murphy of Commission staff.


Geographic Information Services at SWRPC

As a reminder to towns, SWRPC has a Geographic Information System (GIS) data library which is available as a data repository for SWRPC members. As new data or updated data becomes available, SWRPC manages this information in the GIS library. We encourage towns that need to update information or store data to contact us. Update requests may be simple or complex. For example, the Town of Harrisville recently contacted SWRPC requesting we update one of their road names. The benefit to them is that any future maps created by SWRPC or any data shared by SWRPC will have the updated road name. Other communities, including Roxbury, New Ipswich and Hinsdale recently contracted with SWRPC to update tax maps by digitizing lot line adjustments, new subdivisions and other information into new tax maps. Occasionally towns contract with private entities or other groups that require data that is not publicly available. SWRPC has a policy which requires outside groups to obtain permission from the town to receive data that is not publicly available such as tax parcel information. For more information about our GIS library and services, please contact J. B. Mack of Commission staff.


NHDOT Releases Local Public Agency Manual

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) has recently completed a comprehensive update of the Local Public Agency Manual for the Development of Projects, or LPA ManualThe manual replaces the previous manuals that address the process for the development of local transportation projects financed wholly or in part by federal transportation funds.  The programs coming under the new LPA process include:

  • Transportation Enhancement
  • Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Scenic Byways
  • Surface Transportation Program - Urban
  • Federal Bridge aid program
  • Other programs where municipalities receive Federal Highway Administration funds to do transportation projects;

Please visit www.nh.gov/dot/org/projectdevelopment/planning/documents/LPAManual.pdf to view the LPA Manual or contact J.B. Mack of Commission staff for more information.


Monadnock Region Transportation Directory

The Southwest Region's two Regional Coordinating Councils for community transportation have created a transportation directory for providers of human services.  This directory, which can be accessed at www.swrpc.org/transportationdirectory, is a comprehensive listing of community transportation services in the Region. Users of the directory can search for services by town or by transportation type. The different transportation services listed in the directory include public, medical, wheelchair, dial-a-ride, senior, rideshare, and private for hire (taxis, shuttles, charter, etc.).  Information on service area, fares, contact information, and trip types are included for each transportation provider as well as tips for people seeking transportation.  For more information, please contact Tara Germond of Commission staff.