SWRPC Board of Directors

July 2020 - June 2021

Thomas Mullins, Chairman
Town of Peterborough

Gus Lerandeau, Vice-Chairman
Town of Swanzey

Larry Robinson, Secretary
Town of Marlborough

Jill Collins, Treasurer
Town of Hinsdale

Brian Barden
Town of Dublin

Chris Coates
Cheshire County

Sara Carbonneau
Town of Winchester

Jay Jacobs
Town of Harrisville

Camilla Lockwood
Town of Temple

Leandra MacDonald
Town of Peterborough

Cheryl Mayberry
Town of Walpole

Ed Merrell
Town of Jaffrey

Butch Morin
Town of Richmond

John Snowden
Town of Westmoreland

Gary Spykman
City of Keene